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industrial dsign


..since we purchased our industrial 3D printer, it has been running almost constantly. We originally thought we would only be proofing injection mould components, but it is so much more than that.


Our design team love to get under the skin of the brand, the shopping environment and the customer, to bring fresh thinking to a discipline which often simply repeats itself. We use sketching, computer software and our factory, to create images, models and samples to bring our ideas to life as early as possible.


Our engineers can turn pencil drawings to reality in the blink of an eye. We use 3D modelling software and a range of in-house 3D printers to proof test designs and fast-track the production process. We also have factory machinery dedicated to prototyping so we can get your vision in front of you as quickly as possible.

graphic design



Photography, information graphics, posters, price strips, banners… our in-house graphic design service has got it covered. Our team has done everything from original artwork creation to entire store graphic identities.

Because we have our printing presses on site, we are experts in colour profiling and understand the technical realities of manufacture – we do our graphics with production in mind.

Graphics are often overlooked within the design process,
yet it is the part of any
display that people interact with the most.



factory manufacture
quality pick, pack and despatch
quality packing and despatch

The Cyplex factory is a unique Australian service. It offers an international agency style front end and a high-volume trade manufacture back end.


Having complete control of the process from start to finish means that quality control is checked at every step. Our nationwide pick, pack and dispatch team are the final set of eyes and ensure that millions of products will safely reached their destination.


Our factory in Warriewood boasts some of the best mixed material manufacturing machinery in Australia and has been operating for over 30 years. Combined with the skills of our workforce, we have shown again and again that there is no project to large or difficult for us.

The range of capabilities is often surprising to our customers; Pop up shops created with traditional joinery with integrated digital or hand-fabricated plexiglas tester units. Printed cardboard FSU and CTU displays for promotional launches run alongside permanent metal and injection moulded displays for the cosmetics, consumer electronics and grocery industries for many of the biggest brands across Australia.


We recognise that there are some services and skills that are simply not possible to bring in-house or a level of expertise that cannot be found locally. We have partners who bring much more to our offer by being occasional contributors.

This can range from owners of shared intellectual property, specialist tooling manufacturers, creators of parts that are so detailed that they need specific machinery. We also ensure that we purchase any components that we do not make from the highest quality / best value sources and pass that benefit back to our customers.

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