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Smart speaker display unit
Consumer electronics display unit
speaker display unit

Brand: Panasonic


Services: Retail Point of Sale, Visual Merchandising, industrial design


Category: Consumer Electronics

The popularity of home automation through platforms such as Google Assistant  has lead to a growing market of smart speakers worth

+7.1 billion (2020) Panasonic’s answer to this new market is the GA10 smart speaker powered by Google Assistant.

Panasonic’s previous speakers did not utilise automation platforms and were at risk losing market popularity as demand grew for “smart” speakers produced by alternate brands. The development of the GA10 smart speaker was Panasonic’s answer to this problem.

Cyplex were briefed to develop an interactive display that would clearly demonstrate the

GA10’s superiority of UI and effective integration of Google Assistant automation platform.


We are so pleased to find a company that can design both the display and the software needed to make this retail launch a success.

Cyplex provided Panasonic with a premium interactive POS display that complimented the best features of the GA10 smart speaker.


The interactive features of the display gifted customers clear insight into the seamlessly integrated Google Assistant platform within the GA10 smart speaker.

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