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cyplex nude by nature priceline display
cyplex nude by nature priceline display.

Brand: Nude by Nature


Services: Graphic design, concept creation, industrial design, manufacturing


Category: Permanent Floor Display

The beauty market has never been more competitive in Australia, with brands fighting for space and attention in environments ranging from discount stores such as BigW to beauty specialists such as Mecca.

Nude by Nature have a strong position in the mass market with their natural, Australian range touching many consumers’needs across all age groups but launching a new face product during a pandemic needed special consideration.

The existing system for displaying powders was limited to three products & testers across the shelf width, but Nude by Nature wanted to launch with four. 

Cartons are currently stacked in channels and often looked empty or dark. Although testing was muted during the pandemic, space needed to be found to also create a clearly defined tester area which could also double as a graphic holder. 

We love it that Cyplex are so creative and come to us with solutions to our problems.

The system had to be robust and modular so that it would be future proofed for planogram changes.

Cyplex reviewed the requirements and engineered an injection moulded,
push-feed system, built from modular components that could be used to stock any number of facings. Testing was done on in-house 3D prints before production of over 1600 components. The product cassettes were delivered assembled including all graphics to meet launch.

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