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cyplex nude by nature priceline display
cyplex nude by nature priceline display.

Brand: Nude by Nature


Services: Graphic design, concept creation, industrial design, manufacturing


Category: Permanent Floor Display

The beauty market has never been more competitive in Australia, with brands fighting for space and attention in environments ranging from discount stores such as BigW to beauty specialists such as Mecca.

Nude by Nature have a strong position in the mass market with their natural, Australian range touching many consumers’needs across all age groups but launching a new face product during a pandemic needed special consideration.

The existing system for displaying powders was limited to three products & testers across the shelf width, but Nude by Nature wanted to launch with four. 

Cartons are currently stacked in channels and often looked empty or dark. Although testing was muted during the pandemic, space needed to be found to also create a clearly defined tester area which could also double as a graphic holder. 

We love it that Cyplex are so creative and come to us with solutions to our problems.

The system had to be robust and modular so that it would be future proofed for planogram changes.

Cyplex reviewed the requirements and engineered an injection moulded,
push-feed system, built from modular components that could be used to stock any number of facings. Testing was done on in-house 3D prints before production of over 1600 components. The product cassettes were delivered assembled including all graphics to meet launch.



Smart speaker display unit
Consumer electronics display unit
speaker display unit

Brand: Panasonic


Services: Retail Point of Sale, Visual Merchandising, industrial design


Category: Consumer Electronics

The popularity of home automation through platforms such as Google Assistant  has lead to a growing market of smart speakers worth

+7.1 billion (2020) Panasonic’s answer to this new market is the GA10 smart speaker powered by Google Assistant.

Panasonic’s previous speakers did not utilise automation platforms and were at risk losing market popularity as demand grew for “smart” speakers produced by alternate brands. The development of the GA10 smart speaker was Panasonic’s answer to this problem.

Cyplex were briefed to develop an interactive display that would clearly demonstrate the

GA10’s superiority of UI and effective integration of Google Assistant automation platform.


We are so pleased to find a company that can design both the display and the software needed to make this retail launch a success.

Cyplex provided Panasonic with a premium interactive POS display that complimented the best features of the GA10 smart speaker.


The interactive features of the display gifted customers clear insight into the seamlessly integrated Google Assistant platform within the GA10 smart speaker.


cyplex supa valu signage 1.JPG
cyplex supa valu signage 2.JPG
cyplex supa valu signage 3.JPG
Max Factor


Every aspect of the project was managed in house from design to manufacture.

Brand:  Metcash (SUPA VALU)

Metcash first approached Cyplex in 2019 to discuss the SUPA VALU project and shared visual renderings to communicate the intended look and feel of stores. Cyplex was then asked to use these images to design and engineer the entire SUPA VALU signage kit from the ground up and provide the stores with all signage and POS ready for install.

SUPA VALU Doonside (NSW) was the first of two pilot stores to open. The store itself has a very large floorplan, yet impressively easy to navigate due to the large bullhead and aisle category signage. The kit produced for SUPA VALU created an immersive shopping experience that clearly communicated the brand DNA. 

Based on the success of the Doonside store, Metcash have opened another SUPA VALU store in Ballina (NSW) using the same signage material.

Services: Graphic design, 3D design rendering, Industrial design, Engineering, Fabrication, 2K painting, Metalwork, Installation, Project management.


Category: Grocery


In 2020 Metcash revealed their new grocery format SUPA VALU into the Australian market, offering customers a completely new retail environment based on an ‘Australian owned / independently operated’ model. A focus on service and supporting local suppliers needed a strong and instantly recognisable brand image across web and bricks and mortar stores.

Beauty display unit
Cosmetics Display
Display unit

The flexible modular configuration was designed to provide Max Factor with a permanent POS display solution that can continue to be updated as they bring in new ranges, increasing the longevity and durability of the display. We were able to create a four-sided, movable POS display stand that met their budget and was delivered to a tight timeframe.

Brand: Max Factor

Services: Industrial Design, Concept Development, Printing & Manufacturing, Distribution and Installation

Category: Permanent Floor Display

The Max Factor POS display solution included:

  • High impact graphics to maximise brand cut through

  • Quality yet cost effective materials and finishes

  • Fully assembled construction

  • Custom pallet and packaging for protection during transport

  • High stability and strong construction




Woolworths refrigirator.jpg
Woolworths Refrigerator Display Unit
Food Display Unit

Brand: Woolworths Fresh Produce

Services: Industrial Design, Concept Development, Manufacturing, Distribution and Installation

Category: Product Display Solution

Woolworths Fresh Produce asked Cyplex to redesign their inside fridge shelves for lettuce to create a ‘lettuce wall’.

Our design team designed a prototype, testing several options until the correct angle presented the lettuces as per the client’s objective. Food grade ABS material was used and the back of the unit was left open for maximum ventilation. We were also able to come up with a design that meant it could be installed by one person in less than
5 minutes. Result: Shrinkage has decreased and Woolworths have rolled the unit out to all
their stores.

The challenge was to design a unit that was; easy to install; passes refrigeration circulation tests; presents lettuces at 90 degrees and in a manner that they do not fall; uses less lettuce, but appears full – therefore reduces shrinkage, and most importantly cost effective.



Shop Aisle Flags
Aisle Flags
shop aisle flags

Over 160,000 have been placed in store so far and feedback from stores has been positive.

Brand: Woolworths


Services: Retail Point of Sale, Visual Merchandising, industrial design


Category: Aisle Flags

Compliance is highly important when brands use Woolworth's in-store marketing services.

Promotional POS must be present and in the correct position for consumers to notice and act on the offer.

The existing design was both difficult to install and also became loose when knocked in store. It had to be inserted into the same slots as the shelving brackets which frequently caused it to be inefficiently placed.

Woolworths briefed Cyplex to create a design which would not only answer these issues, but could also be placed in any position on the wall.

The solution was to create an ingenious attachment device which allowed the arm flag to be placed either in the slotted uprights or the peg-hole back panels. This allowed Woolworths to place the aisle flag as close as possible to the product, gaining the most attention.

It is installed with a simple screwing mechanism which allows store staff to perform the operation easily and even with one hand.


Over 160,000 have been placed in store so far and feedback from stores has been positive.




Brand: Sally Hansen


Services: Graphic design, concept creation, industrial design, manufacturing


Category: Health & Beauty

The vegan cosmetic market is expected to grow 6.5% in the coming five years to be worth $20.8 B(USD) by 2025.

Sally Hansen were quick to respond with their PURE range of twelve 100% vegan colours

in Australia.

The existing permanent make up stand had no existing feature for launch or  product categorisation. 


Cyplex were briefed to create a zone on the stand that clearly promoted the new product range.


We were impressed at the speed and quality of the manufacture and the high level of service. 

The design had to retro-fit to the existing electrical system and be easy to install in store without tools.

 The result was an elegant design that focused customer attention to the products from any angle within the store.

The use of white illumination and frame material created a calm zone on the display, even in the heavily ticketed discounter chains. The clean graphic design projected the vegan message with simplicity.


Burberry gondola close up.jpg
NZ sephora store opening.jpg

Cyplex did an incredible job matching the colours and textures and delivered the perfect luxury cosmetics display.

The Luxury market has been the fastest growing area of colour cosmetics for many years now and Burberry have been leading the success story due to an impressive bricks and clicks strategy. When a new brand equity direction was launched, Burberry needed to create new in-store display to ensure a seamless international image.

Sephora’s new flagship store was chosen to launch the new display, ensuring that the brand would receive maximum customer and media attention.

Brand: Burberry

Services: Industrial Design, Concept Development, Printing & Manufacturing, Distribution and Installation

Category: Permanent Floor Display

The new Burberry instore equity was communicated to design partners through the medium of high quality colour and material samples. The colour and finish pallet had to be matched exactly to ensure a consistent brand image throughout Asia. In addition, the display had to work to Sephora’s exacting specifications.

Cyplex were briefed to created two different styles of display for use in gondolas and on back walls to coincide with new Sephora store openings.

The ultra-premium gondola display launched as a stand-out in Sydney and has since gone on to debut in Sephora’s New Zealand store at Sylvia park.

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