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Point of Sale Stand


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Store Front_Gel Cumulus LORES.jpg

“We really like the dynamic look of these displays – thanks guys!”

Rising health and a desire to lead an active lifestyle, is encouraging consumers to incorporate sports and fitness activities into their daily routine. With the impact of COVID19 , consumer interest towards outdoor sports participation has increased rapidly.

This increased participation has led to a change in market dynamics, leading to an increased demand for sports apparel.
Asia Pacific is now the largest growing sports apparel market in the world, giving Australian brands and retailers an opportunity to create new brand loyalties through targeted products and meaningful retail experiences.

Brand: ASICS

Services: Concept Development, Graphic design, Industrial DesignPrinting & Manufacturing

Category: Sports & Lifestyle

To complement their newly launched brick and mortar stores, ASICS approached Cyplex for an adaptable graphic podium, to be displayed in the store front windows. The goal was to create a fully  updatable display to act as a focal point for new launch shoes and sportswear.

Cyplex created a design to promote either blockbuster launches, or re-support current product, using graphical elements that can be scaled accordingly to disrupt or sync with other store POS.

The podium uses multiple layers of clear panels to create a 3-dimensional depth through the artwork. Lighting is created through Bluetooth controlled RGBW LED’s, Illuminating the panels, the podium and the shoe supports. Lighting patterns can be created through an app to make each launch different and attract the consumers’ attention through movement.

The update kits for new launches are designed to be done by store staff less in than 5 minutes to install. An Asics representative from the Sydney Warringah flagship said “We really like the dynamic look of these displays – thanks guys!”

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