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Woolworths refrigirator.jpg
Woolworths Refrigerator Display Unit
Food Display Unit

Brand: Woolworths

Services: Industrial Design, Concept Development, Manufacturing, Distribution & Installation

Category: Product Display Solution

Woolworths Fresh Produce asked Cyplex to redesign their inside fridge shelves for lettuce to create a ‘lettuce wall’.

Our design team designed a prototype, testing several options until the correct angle presented the lettuces as per the client’s objective. Food grade ABS material was used and the back of the unit was left open for maximum ventilation. We were also able to come up with a design that meant it could be installed by one person in less than
5 minutes. Result: Shrinkage has decreased and Woolworths have rolled the unit out to all
their stores.

The challenge was to design a unit that was; easy to install; passes refrigeration circulation tests; presents lettuces at 90 degrees and in a manner that they do not fall; uses less lettuce, but appears full – therefore reduces shrinkage, and most importantly cost effective.

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